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Federation Command is a Star Trek fleet originally founded in 2002. We support as many Star Trek games as practical and will certainly adopt future Star Trek games, we truly hope you will enjoy our web site and our forums. Our Star Trek clan has a long history of excellence, professionalism and dedication to the values of Star Trek. We pride ourselves in being one of the oldest and most succesful Star Trek Gaming clan ever to exist. Here is a list of what we have to offer:

  • Increased enjoyment of online gaming
  • Trek-only atmosphere and member pool
  • Diverse fleet with people from all around the globe
  • Military-style command structure
  • Stable fleet structure composed of veterans of the community

A New Journey

Friends, officers, esteemed guests and diplomats,

The Trek community has been ailing for some time. While Federation Command stood as a bastion of resolve and professionalism we were on borrowed time. In an age of Steam sales and direct downloads, our golden era roots in Trek gaming are simply unsustainable for a gaming community.

Enter Vanguard Command.

The essence of community is not in the games they play but in the bonds they share and that spirit will never die.

It just needs a new home.

As of June 18th Vanguard Command will launch. A responsive site powered by Wordpress and vBulletin with Steam and social integration. This community will provide content and an atmosphere that will carry our Trek influences through into new titles such as the eagerly anticipated Star Citizen. Everyone is welcome at this community and nothing is expected. Simply registering makes you part of something bigger.

For existing FC officers, it's a fresh start, for old faces, it's a contemporary hangout.

My promise to you is to provide an evolving community that champions these aims:

Age of the Vanguard

Federation Command has stood as an example of professionalism and endurance for well over a decade. Founded by Picard the virtues of humility and ambition were at the fleet's very core.

After thirteen years it is time for Vanguard Command to continue that noble tradition.

Please visit us at our forums.

Fleet Admiral Costello

Posted on 22 Sep 2015 by Office of Propaganda

On January 23rd, our Fleet had recieved a priority one transmission, stating the new office of the Fleet Admiral of Federation Command.

In an effort to continue with Tradition, yet look toward the future, Admiral Costello had already made a significant impact on our community, by filling our Ranks with noble officers, and ideas in the heads of eager cadets, a new day with new tactics, cooperation, and opportunities. Thank you Fleet Admiral Costello for accepting the prestigous office, and leading your fleet into the unknown at full speed.

Read the new Fleet Admiral's message to the community.

Posted on 05 Feb 2015 by Office of Propaganda

The Federation Council has recently created the Office of Propaganda which will replace our news team. With a broader mandate, this new department will bring back journalism and quality news to our fleet. Rear Admiral Carbonizer will be in change of ushering in this new era of information to Federation Command.

In line with this recent change, we have also updated our news integration system.

Thank you.

Posted on 11 Jan 2015 by Office of Propaganda

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