FEDERATION COMMAND operates a Fleet Bank system that aims to reward and support its members. The idea is to assist with the levelling process and also provide high quality items for max-level players, as well as to store a surplus of crafting items and resources for Season 6. The Fleet Bank also serve as an Energy Credit repository for the Fleet which is always kept above 5 million by the treasurer. Minus for the Starter Gear tab, the Fleet Bank will only store blue or higher quality items.

It is important that no food, lockboxes or tribbles be deposited into the Fleet Bank. Also, when withdrawals are made, the Fleet Bank is to be kept organised.

The Fleet Bank has eight tabs with differing purposes, further details may be found below:


The Deposits Only tab is purely for (self-explanatory really) depositing items to be sorted or appraised. No one but the treasurer can withdraw from this tab. This is also the tab where officers can deposit Energy Credits for the Fleet's reserve.

Fleet Rewards

The Fleet Rewards tab are special and/or high-end items that are gifted to officers or people meriting commendation as the result of a competition or initiative at the First Fleet CO's discretion. Only the treasurer can withdraw from this tab.

Starter Gear

The third tab, Starter Gear, is designed to give new players or officers levelling a new character a boost/step-up as they advance their character. Items that can be found here are skill boosts, duty officer packs and Mk I and II items.


The fourth tab is dedicated to the max level items at each rank before Admiral (Mark IV, VI and VIII). This tab will be a constant supply of blue or higher quality space and ground gear.


Similarly with tab four, this tab is where you can find near to max-level items (Mark X, XI and XII). This tab will also only feature the best blue or higher quality space and ground gear.


The sixth tab is designed for STFs, Fleet Actions, PvE and PvP. It is a store of consumables and buffs that aid in support, survivability and combat threat both in space and on the ground.

Crafting Resources

The Crafting Resources tab is a supply of data samples and particle traces to largely keep the Fleet Bank restocked.

Starbase Resources

The last tab is a stockpile of resources for Season 6's arrival to assist with Starbase projects.

The Fleet Bank is meant to be a resource to the entire fleet, so please use it responsibly.